"Tall Cop"
Jermaine Galloway
High in Plain Sight

OSROA is pleased to announce Officer Jermaine Galloway as a keynote presenter for our 2019 School Safety Conference. Jermaine, known as the “Tall Cop”, is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter, national award winner and resource for those involved with prevention, education, treatment and enforcement.


Officer Galloway began his law enforcement career in Idaho in 1997 and has more than 16 years experience in alcohol and drug education, enforcement and prevention. As a full time trainer, Officer Galloway currently dedicates thousands of hours to community scans, research and substance abuse identification in large and rural communities across the country. While in law enforcement, Officer Galloway was a member of the DUI task force, a CSI, and a field-training officer.


Officer Galloway provides nationwide training to coalition members, law enforcement, educators, counselors, probation, treatment, health professionals, judges, university officials, and community members. Over the last three years, Officer Galloway has trained more than 150,000 people and over 400,000 class attendees nationally and internationally. Once in a specific community, Officer Galloway frequently conducts a community scan – working his way through several of the local alcohol & drug promotion retail locations. The Tall Cop has scanned thousands of retail locations in almost every state and several provinces in Canada. Officer Galloway frequently conducts interviews and has interviewed hundreds of individuals at various stores, festivals, events and retail locations.


The Tall Cop trains on several different alcohol and drug trends including: drug clothing, stash compartments, underage drinking, e-cigarettes & vaping, synthetic drugs, marijuana concentrates / dabbing, marijuana extraction labs, electronic dance music (EDM) events, inhalants, fake ID’s, party drugs, over-the-counter drugs, cough medicines, drug potentiators/friends of opioids herbal drugs, designer drugs, physical signs and symptoms, the influence of drug legalization, marijuana edibles, drug concealment methods and concealment products, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, logos, and identifiers.


Officer Galloway created his own alcohol and substance abuse prevention and identification program called the “You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know” program. Officer Galloway displays over 50-100 visual aids for attendees to view, hold and become familiar with throughout each presentation.


In addition to creating and starting two non-profit organizations, Officer Galloway was a past Vice President of an alcohol and drug free prevention coalition in Idaho and was a member of the Idaho statewide impaired driving task force. Officer Galloway is also a past board member of the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association (NLLEA).


In 2007, Officer Galloway created the Northwest Alcohol & Substance Abuse Conference. This now biennial, nationally recognized, substance abuse prevention conference has quickly grown, drawing attendees from over 30 different states and multiple countries. Officer Galloway has had articles published in print and online in American Police Beat Magazine, Campus Safety Magazine and many local area newspapers, during on-site presentations. In addition to other media stories, webinars and interviews, in 2011, Officer Galloway was highlighted in a national video, produced by Human Relations Media, about the harms of “Spice – the Synthetic Marijuana.”


Jermaine is an old friend of ours and we are thrilled to welcome him back as we move our School Safety Conference to our new venue – The Resort at the Mountain. We hope you will join us July 28-31, 2019.

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