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OSROA is accepting applications for vendor/exhibitor tables at our School Safety Conference at Mt Hood Resort July 24 – 27, 2022. We will provide a 6′ clothed and skirted table, chair(s) and power. The exhibitor area will be open to attendees on Monday 7am-5pm, Tuesday 7am-3pm and Wednesday 7am-Noon. The cost for a table at the conference is $500.


*NOTE - Due to COVID-19 regulations, space for exhibitors may be limited. We are working on finalizing just how many vendors can be present. If you apply for a table using the below form, you will receive an email from OSROA thanking you for joining us. Please understand that applying for a table is not a guarantee we will have enough space. 

Conference Exhibitor Application

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If you have any questions please contact us at contact.osroa@yahoo.com.


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