Our Annual School Safety Conference will be held July 28-31, 2019 at the  beautiful Mount Hood Resort. After five great years on the coast it was time for a change, and the folks by Mount Hood are happy to welcome our group for the conference. Click here for updated conference information, and see below to check out our 2019 presenters.   

Jermaine Galloway
"High in Plain Sight"
You asked us to bring him back and we listened. OSROA is pleased to welcome Jermaine Galloway to our School Safety Conference. Jermaine's unique presentation will cover several drug and alcohol trends including: drug clothing, stash compartments, underage drinking, vaping, synthetic drugs, marijuana concentrates, marijuana extraction labs, electronic dance music events, inhalants, fake ID’s, party drugs, over-the-counter drugs, cough medicines, designer drugs, the influence of drug legalization, marijuana edibles, drug concealment methods and concealment products, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, logos, and identifiers. This session will be tailored to our state and is not to be missed.



Dr. Bernard James
"School Law and Policy"
Dr. Bernard James is a Professor of Law at Pepperdine University.  He teaches courses in Civil Rights, Federalism, Individual Rights, Education Law, State Constitutional Law and Introduction to American Law. Bernie also serves as a senior consultant to the US Department of Justice and he is the contributing legal editor to the NASRO Journal of School Safety.
Dr. James teaches annually at the NASRO conference. His interactive presentation will cover the most current updates regarding Legal Issues, Search and Seizure, Immigration, Students’ Rights and much more. Please join us as we welcome Dr. James back to our 2019 School Safety Conference.


Bernard James head shot

Sherri Coronado
"Dynamics of Autism: The Law Enforcement Perspective."
For students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) learning to interact with first responders is critical. It is just as essential for School Resource Officers to have an understanding of Autism and to be prepared to respond effectively and safely to situations involving students on the spectrum. 
OSROA is pleased to welcome Corporal Sherri Coronado as a keynote presenter for our 2019 School Safety Conference. Even those with experience working with kids on the spectrum will learn something as Sherri brings her experience as both a law enforcement officer and as the parent of an Autistic child.  
Paul Coughlin

"The Real World and Real Solutions to Adolescent Bullying"


Paul Coughlin founded "The Protectors" in 2005 out of personal experience and a unique understanding into a fundamental weakness of existing anti-bullying programs. Unlike traditional efforts that focus on reforming the bully, Paul focuses on the potential strength and rescuing capacity of bystanders. Paul dispels the myths about bullying and will help us to inspire children who bully to employ their power in life-affirming directions instead.  


Paul is a Fox News analyst and contributor.  He has authored eight books, including the resource, “Raising Bully-Proof Kids,”  and his anti-bullying curriculum is used throughout the world. OSROA is excited to welcome Paul to our conference.



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